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If you need music, The Musahut offers you the best service.
Innovative and flexible music, with a special magic touch to be remembered.


About Us

The MusaHut joins the scene of music production and sound design focused on advertising in all formats, both television and web, and the development of original jingles, as always, for corporate image of companies and soundtracks for short and feature films.

Our commitment is always the same, surprise and innovate to be remembered. Therefore, in our process of creation we discard all those melodies that does not have, as we say in The MusaHut, the “magic” touch.

Creativity in The MusaHut also translates into terms of flexibility, because our customers always have the ability to incorporate their ideas into musical/sound design project and outlining a finish akin to the concept that we must develop.

If there was a word that would define us in The MusaHut would be eclectic. We are lovers of music in all its forms and harmonies, so we break the limits established with styles, being able to recreate any musical format, and above all, to innovate new rhythms and sounds to achieve that impact that characterizes us.

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