Michael Blieden – “Objects”

objectspictureThis project came through when I got in contact with film director Michael Blieden, who was just finishing with the recording of this beautiful short, brought to us by the hand of the talented and also well known writer and actress Jessica Makinson.

I must say that this was already a diamond, that only had some little corners to polish (audio corners). That was my task here, so I started creating a clear and reallistic sound design that plays in an absolute way from 02:22 to 04:00.

After this, I created the beat for the opening, an easy task, due to the wonderful soundtrack that director Michael Blieden had already selected for the movie.

Finally, I gave it the ultimate touch with a 5.1 surround mix and a postproduction that will make you enjoy every little and huge details of this audio-visual jewel.


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